What is Personal Security Officer ?

The one who even stakes his life to prevent yours can only be your Personal Security Guard or PSO in short. Here at Secura we trained men of highest interpersonal skills to be your Personal Security Guard. PSO will live for his or her master who hire him and is dutyfully bound to prevent you and your personal property at any cost. He will be with you all the time like the nails stick to your finger. If any adverse arrives anytime then your PSO will deal against it first and will fight to prevent you from that.

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Why Secura ?

PSO or your Personal Security Officer is like your third eye. He is alert and conscious to your surrounding and tips you on your physical movement where he feels some adverse can arrive. If you are a personnel of greatest attention or wealth then you surely need one Personal Security Officer to safeguard you from those who entertain wrong or stealthy motives to destroy you. Personnel of higher social virtue, landlords, celebrities, business tycoons, housewives are most critical part of society to get attacked by rivalries or by some other non social elements. If you possess any one or related positions from above then you surely approach some certified security company nearby your premises for hiring one Personal Security Guard. Take any newspapaer and you will find the only cause of one's misfortunate demise is his/her negligence towards his/her security. Personal Security Officer will never cost you much than your life. Rest; decision is yours!

Secura is leading provider of Personal Security Guards, Security Guards and Women Security Guards in Delhi and its surrounding NCR regions. Secura maintains the inhouse team of physical trainers and lecturers to build one into your perosnal body guard. Secura Security is an ISO Certified Security Guards and security equipments provider agency with the strenth of 400+ men and women dedicately servicing you in terms of security particularly Personal Security Officers. PSO from Secura aside looking macho possesses a great wealth of social discipline which adds to your social prestige and that to your overall personality as a whole. Comparing with others Personal Security Officers from secura are well behaved and are adabtable to high society protocols such that you never feel awkward with their company. The mere presence of PSO beside you can twist the people with wrong intention aside and present you as a one with capability of power and possession.

A simple telephonic conversation with our marketing team is enough to get consulted and decided who will fit best as your Personal Security Guard. You can SMS SECURA to 52424 to get contacted from our security team. Call our security helpline available 24x7 +91-9958963335. You can also contact us through mail info@securasecurity.com. Be secured with Secura, Security you Deserve.

I felt insecure at times until after I hired one Personal Security Guard from Secura. Above all having a PSO gives you a true sense of security and confidence to join public meetings -- Sumati Malhotra

Emergency Helplines of secura are available to needy ones 24x7 and for our existing clients. Anytime SMS SECURA to 52424 or call at +91-8882812345. To know more email us at: info@securasecurity.com